Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

Habibie & Ainun Book Signing

I almost forgot the password of this blog, long enough I almost did not write here.
hopefully starting early this year at least once a week I could write a little.

I will begin to share experiences that are very rare, on the 29th of January I had the opportunity to shake hands with former president BJ Habibie.

other than shaking hands, Gramedia bookstore as a book signing event organizers to provide free facilities in the form of photographs. but unfortunately I only looked back. but I am still happy to get the actual moment I accidentally know through twitter.

for you who do not have the book and Ainun Habibie, immediately bought because this book is very good and very inspiring.
so thank you sir, thanks Gramedia and of course Twitter and the whole thing would not happen if I was not in the city of Malang.

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